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Better Batter Yellow Cake Mix Review

Recently we had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand a great gluten-free product called Better Batter. Naomi Poe, founder and creator of Better Batter has gone above and beyond in delivering a truly superior product.

Like most of us I have dabbled in gluten-free baking and find it a 50/50 proposition. Sometimes you get a decent recipe and other times it’s a big waste of money and effort. It is so disheartening to bake a treat and have it turn out dry, dense and sticky.

Naomi has provided us with samples of all of the Better batter products to test. I have to be honest, Better Batter has inspired me to start baking again!

The first product we have sampled is the Yellow Cake Mix. The 18.25oz box makes up to 2 – 9” pans. This is double the amount provided with other commercial GF mixes.

Along with the generous portions you are given an option of using either milk or water along with oil and eggs. This is a great option for those who are lactose intolerant.

Once I began to mix the ingredients the quality of Better Batter really started to show. The batter was very smooth and aromatic and easy to pour, just like it’s gluten-containing cousins. You don’t always get these properties from traditional gluten-free mixes.

While in the oven the amazing aroma of yellow cake filled the house. This took me back to when I was a little girl and my mother was baking.

After cooling, We frosted one 8” round and left the other unfrosted. It was now time for the moment of truth.

We first sampled the unfrosted round. The first thing I noticed was that it was easy to cut into, not rubbery or dense!

The cake was light, moist and had a fluffy texture. It wasn’t gritty and dense and chewy like so many GF cakes before. The flavor notes were full and satisfying.

When we sampled the frosted round it only got better! For a few minutes I was a kid again enjoying a REAL cake!

Better Batter Yellow Cake is the real thing. You will not find a better mix anywhere on the market today. We give Better Batter a 5 Star rating for value, quality, taste and ease of preparation.

Don’t just take my word for it try Better batter for yourself and taste the difference, you won’t be sorry.

Visit to order today.

Visit back next week for a review of another Better Batter product.

Have a great day!



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June’s Gluten-Free Travel Destination: Austin, Texas

Austin is a must visit gluten-free destination for all who love music, BBQ and much more. Austin is one of America’s top ten gluten-free dining city’s. Visit Kimberly’s Gluten-Free Travel see what all the buzz is all about!

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June’s Survey is Back Up and Running

June’s survey is working again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We value your opinion and utilize your feedback to improve what we do for you.

Please visit us at to take our survey.



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June’s Cooking Contest is underway!

Show off your gluten-free cooking talent and enter your favorite recipe in our monthly cooking contest!

Visit us at to enter today!

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New Content for June!

Be sure and visit us at for June’s great columns! Here is a peek at what is new.

*Spreading Celiac Awareness

* Celiac Disease and Men

* Know where gluten hides

* Great product ideas of kids and teens

*June’s monthly survey and much more!

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***Pantene Product Alert***

Recently Pantene launched its “natureFUSION” line of products. These products are are made from “naturally derived ingredients” and were first advertised as “gluten-free”.

These claims were made on their website and a few other places on the web and in print. Since the launched Pantene has withdrawn all claims that it is “natureFUSION” line gluten-free.

We spoke with the customer relations department at Pantene and received mixed answers if the natureFUSION line is gluten-free or not.

One rep told us that it was made of “mostly” gluten-free ingredients and another stated that Pantene consults with the National Celiac Foundation about it’s products.

We also tried to contact P&G’s brand manager for Pantene, Randall Chinchill, to clarify this issue but he has not returned our calls.

If the Pantene “natureFUSION” line does contain traces of gluten this can be a minor inconvenience to those who choose a gluten-free lifestyle. However; if you have Celiac disease or other gluten allergies this could be harmful to your condition.

Pantene is a quality brand and strives to present the best product available. However; until Pantene officially communicates weather it’s products are gluten free or not we encourage you to exercise caution, read the labels and consult with your physician if you are unclear about the use of this product or encounter reactions due to it’s use.

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